Chinnar Wildlife Sanctaury

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Idukki district of Kerala, was constituted in 1984. With an area of more than 90 sq. kms, this sanctuary is 60 kms away from Munnar town on state highway 17 connecting Munnar to Udumalaipettai in Tamilnadu. Chinnar is located on the eastern side, which is the rain shadow area of southern Western Ghats. Because of this, the sanctuary receives an annual rainfall of only 500mm making it a semi dry habitat. Marayoor, famous for its natural sandal wood forest is 18 kms away from Chinnar.

chinnar river

Chinnar sanctuary is home to a considerable population of endangered Grizzled giant squirrels. It is also a conservation area for the Indian star tortoise (Geochelone elegans).  Chinnar and Pambar are the major rivers that flow through this region. Thoovanam water fall on Pambar river lies deep inside the sanctuary. These two rivers join and is known as Koottar downstream.

Getting There

Munnar – 65 kms.

Udumalaipettai – 37 kms.


Latitude 10°15′ – 10°21′ N 

Longitude 77°5′ – 77°16 E


1300 ft – 8274 ft (Kumarikkal peak)

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